2010年5月30日 星期日

5 years

5 years are composed of a lot of patience, together with devotion, hope of eternity and loyality.

So many people have asked how we can go through - basically i can only tell it is a matter of whether we want for a future. No doubt - it was tough, from the time of being for half year we were already separated with the fucking pacific ocean and we could no longer see each other that easily with just a 10 mins bus ride; Or sometimes we could not talk nor see with time zone difference and busy schoollife / worklife. Yet we both trust each other, and we believed there's a future, and so we have gone through years and years of separation.

And incredibly it's now the 5th year. That pacific ocean is going to dry up, and we finally meet.

2010年5月29日 星期六

the only precious thing

Even i lose everything, I still have love.
I love you, wingwing.

2010年5月26日 星期三

busy , but wonderful

I have said 2010 is a year of change. And yes, at the almost mid point of the year I can say I am working on change. Working for my career to be a better nurse, I have tried to be more calm doown and think alternatively during decision making process; Working for my leisure, I am putting all my effort into "The Place'. I do think it's a place where at least, 4 of us, can get lots of experience which may be usable for lifetime, and not regrettable.

God, please bear with me.

2010年5月17日 星期一

Sad love

Every day my job is to assist patient to heal, and definitely hope patient to recover. Yet things never go to the way you wish all the time. And if it’s hopeless to see their recovery, please just fulfill their needs.

He was an old man with activity of daily living (ADL) mostly dependent, yet he could still speak quite clearly comparing with those bed-ridden. He was admitted with repeated intestinal obstruction, anaemia, and with poor prognosis he was declared to be DNR (Do not resuscitate).

For those DNR the only thing we can do for them is to let their comfort be the top priority. Blood was transfused, the nasogastric tube once put on was removed. Gradually he was seen better and better.

Though there are signs of hope they just don’t guarantee miracle. With organs inside being too weak to maintain metabolism even one problem resolve another will eventually pop up and kill him, and yes, at one night when I was on duty he was breathing so fast and shallow; The saturation of oxygen (SaO2) inside the body was not reaching 90% with 100% oxygen given via mask.

I was standing in front of him, after 30 mins of high flow oxygen delivered and still there is no rise of SaO2; I tried to suction to see if sputum had blocked the airway, but it seemed not. All of a second when I put out the suction tube he attempted to speak to me, no longer in clear voice. ‘Are you saying you want to see your relatives??’ he nodded deliberately, with weak voice ‘yes, yes’.

When someone who was simply busy breathing for oxygen and still able to deliver their wish of seeing his/her relatives, undoubtedly he/she love them.

I called his family, urged them to come asap.

2010年5月13日 星期四

it's truly from her heart

A patient was admitted a day prior to his operation for pre-operative check up. He was accompanied by his wife. Usually the patient needs to do blood taking and X ray as to qualify for elective surgery, so this means the wife was basically useless to be with him.

I politely invited his wife to leave, and for my routine nurses shall advise the relatives to take away all the valuables of the patient, and so does this time.
For most of the time during my work I am facing a lot of male patients. While most often I hear from them is either 'when can i be discharged' or certain kinds of foul language today I have heard the most sweetest conversation.

'Remember to take away the valuable belongings' said the nurse, when she was walking out of the ward.

She turned back, and looked at his husband, who was waving her good-bye grining.
'The most valuable belongings was still in the ward' She was directly looking at her husband, smiling.

Damn sweet.

2010年5月6日 星期四

Welcome | Hong Kong | Monocle issue 33

A great article to share

Hong Kong. A gleaming steel and glass powerhouse where the world’s financial forces converge on Asia, a neon edifice of connectivity and consumer culture, a place where customs mix and people live their lives in fast-forward.

While this image of city is certainly true, it doesn’t tell half the story. From Alex Daye and Ellis Kreuger’s fresh designs at boutique Moustache in Sheung Wan and Que Vinh Dang’s innovative dishes at TBLS in Central to chief secretary Henry Tang’s push to develop West Kowloon into a bustling art and culture district, there’s an inspiring drive by Hong Kongers to make their city an even more vibrant place to live.

The search for a better quality of life also takes Hong Kongers off the frequently cramped high-rise of Hong Kong island and into the hills of New Territories. Here neighbourhoods in Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay offer alternative view of one of the most densely populated cities on earth, with spacious residences surrounded by jungle and pristine beaches.

Hong Kong’s geography is more than pretty panorama. Sitting on the doorstep of the world’s fastest growing economy, Hong Kong is in a unique linguistic, historical and cultural position and bears the key to China’s door. Hong Kong is building even closer ties with its first high spped rail link to the mainland, deepening the economic relationship that has strengthened since the 1997 hand-over.

Perhaps more than eve, the city needs to be one its toes as everyone across Asia is vying for financial pole position and cultural credibility. Hong Kong may have enviable geographical advantage but this needs to be defended from regional competition on all fronts.